Today Lesedi arrived at our school. She wanted to get right to work helping the Year 2 children with their handwriting. You guessed it, the letter L. On the pages for handwriting were pictures of some lunch and a library of books.
One little poppet said that Lesidi was very tired and hungry from her long trip, so she needed to have some lunch and then to help her sleep she read a book. the children loved the fact that her name meant 'light'.

While yr 2 were working on their handwriting Yr 3 were looking at images of Rhinos and creating their own image using art rage.

So, we are hosting Lesidi - her name means Light. Lesidi has become part of our class and taking part in all our lessons- even Sport :)

So on Thursday we started learning about the different rhinos of the world, where they are and what they look like.
We created a poster in our books using facts we had found on the Fun Rhinoceros facts site and the Black Rhinoceros National Geographic Site. Then we took a photo of our terrific work using the ipad and then imported it into different photo effect apps to create a gorgeous visual effect. Some of the apps were, Befunky, Pictok Amazing Frames and Real Bokeh.

After looking at the various features of rhinoceros, S1/2W drew some in art rage. we tried to concentrate on their heavy bodies, tough skin and horns.

Four girls got together to make a poster for Lesidi. They showed respect for each others ideas, co-operation, working things out to finalise an end product, sharing the jobs and making their dream a reality.