Welcome to our wiki-page. We are a Grade 3 class at Chesterhouse in Durbanville near Cape Town. There are 20 children in our class and we love animals. We have loved having Lilitha with us. Hope you enjoy having a look at our adventures with Lilitha.

Lilitha, the international travelling rhino, has been visiting the Grade 3S class. She has been such fun to entertain and we have learnt so much from her about rhinos and about conserving them. Each afternoon or evening she spent time with different children and we made a special diary for her to take with her when she leaves so that she can remember us. Here are a few things we wrote in our diary:
Lilitha and I watched a movie and I taught her how to sew. Later in the day we drew pictures of patterns.
Lilitha and I first played the piano and then sang. After that we went to the gym and ran together.
We ate supper together and I introduced her to my parents. I gave her a goju kai badge to wear. Then we rubbed my mom’s hands and went to sleep.
I introduced Lilitha to my family and I made a fishtail loom band for her. My cat was really afraid of Lilitha and just ran away.
When my parents got home, I introduced her to my family. After that Lilitha and I went and watched a movie. Lilitha laughed so much her horn almost fell right off.
I am going to draw some dinosaurs as Lilitha reminds me of a horned dinosaur.
I put some photos of me and Lilitha around her neck to always keep me in her heart and thoughts.

We made rhinos out of old water bottles in class and also made some rhino posters to tell others about rhinos and why we need to protect them. We are busy making rhino necklaces to wear so that we can remember Lilitha and everything we learnt from her. We are going to miss her when she goes to her next school to spread her rhino message. We love you, Lilitha.

Here are some of our rhino stories we wrote in class. We wrote them as pourquoi stories.

How the Rhino got its horns by Jordan
Long ago there was a rhino standing under a tree. Her name was Roxy. One day she saw a dead giraffe. “A feast”, she cried. She walked to the feast and took a bite, “hmm, that tastes nice” said Roxy in a soothing voice. But out of nowhere a lion appeared. It was the king lion who Roxy did not like. She thought he was too self-centered even though he was the king of his pride.
“You! How dare you take a step on our territory?” said the fierce lion. “This is our feast, not yours”, said the lion that kept on going. Roxy did not know what to do; all she had was a long tail, big feet and a flat nose. “I didn’t know this was yours”, said the worried rhino. “Of course you did, you have that nose of yours. Yes, you do”, said the king trying to prove Roxy wrong. Roxy ran away in fear. “Go run, we will find you”, said the lion. That night Roxy prayed to God. “Dear Father, I have nothing to protect myself against the lion. Please come and help me”, prayed Roxy as she went to sleep.
That night a twinkling star came closer and closer to Roxy. It touched her nose and as it touched her nose something appeared on her nose. It was pointed, sharp and strong. When Roxy woke up she saw that she had a horn on her nose. She didn’t know what it was for so she tried a few things she went to a log and lifted it up. “Wow, I just lifted the heaviest long in the land. Wow I am so strong,” cried Roxy in amazement. Then suddenly a second one appeared closer to the top of her nose.
“HaHaHa Haaaaaaa”, said the king lion of the pride. I have found you now.” The rhino started to get angry and started to rub her feet on the ground, but still she had nothing to protect herself with. Then she thought to herself and said, “My horn, I can use my horn”, said Roxy happily. So she charged at the king. The king was too scared to fight back because he saw the sharp horn and how Roxy’s eyes were so angry. He ran as fast as he could get out of there and just in time he got away. Roxy was very happy to know that she had something to protect herself with.
Roxy used her horn for all kinds of things. Whenever she saw another feast, she would make sure that no one would take it away. From this day on all rhino’s keep themselves protected from the king of pride.

How the rhinoceros got his skin! By Keiki
A long, long time ago there was a young rhino called Travis. Every day he would wallow in the mud hole and because this was so long ago the rhinos only had a very thin, pink layer of skin! With all the mud his skin would stay lovely and soft but one day (eventually) Travis said “I have nobody to play with and it’s so lonely out here by myself!”So off he set to find someone to play with!
It was a long journey but finally he came across a small town of Zulu people. When a tiny baby crawled out of the village Travis walked closer to greet him but the baby screamed with fright and suddenly a whole tribe of people surrounded Travis but they were extremely confused because on his way Travis had been so hot that he had actually turned brown!
Now, because he was brown the Zulu’s thought he was a buck so they quickly took four really thick piece’s of rope and tied him up to roast! Suddenly he had a plan! Travis knew that his father used to be friends with a leprechaun so he called out extremely loudly “Hatty, Hatty, Hatty!” (That was the leprechaun’s name) Suddenly out of nowhere….......................................... “Hey lady, in a bit of a tight situation now are you!”…………………………………………………………………… “Actually, I kind of am!”Replied Travis. Hatty knew what was coming next, Travis would be tied up even tighter than before and would be forced to roast out in the hot, burning sun!
“Maybe you should go now Hatty.” Said Travis but before Hatty could reply the Zulu people came through the door and took Hatty away! With all the anger inside Travis he ripped the rope’s, pushed down the door and charged out through the planes. Chasing the Zulu’s he crushed their weapons and rescued his friend. “Travis, you have brought great honor for me to be able to give you this…… It is a granted wish for your skin to be thicker. It will help you to have protection from the sun. Although it is black, it will always be useful for something.” said Hatty and poof! He was gone.
So, if you ever see a rhino charging, remember that there is a very good reason for him to have anger issues (and I’d suggest also getting out of his way!).