Lilitha joined us at Cornerstone Play and Learn Centre on the 18th of August 2015.

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Being the gracious hostess, I decided to take Lilitha (and my daughters) out to dinner. After allowing her just enough time to rest and freshen up, we were off to John Dory for a meal. While we were out having a good time, we introduced Lilitha to a lovely lady at Wakaberry who was very interested to hear the story behind her.

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The following day her adventure continued with a visit to the Meyer family.

Then she went on to the Hanekom Family with Nielah.

On the 21st of August she joined in a ladies tea. These ladies are part of the Woman's Agriculture Association of PE.
Lots of questions were asked and once again the plight of Rhinos in our country was made known through Lilitha.

Then it was time for Leo Strydom to host Lilitha and once again, lots of fun was had.

On Lilitha's return, she was off to Lorraine Primary school with Hannah de Klerk. She spent some time there with the Grade 6 classes.

There was no time to rest, as she was off to spend time with Dustin and Kian, our resident twins.

The following day she had just enough time to catch her breath and she was off to visit our resident triplets, Emma, James and William Chapman. What a lot of fun she had there.

Then it was the turn of Tai Ryan who took her to visit the staff at Milkwood Mushrooms.

Lilitha then went home with Connor Wilson and the following day she spent at Sunridge Primary School with the Grade 2 class. Wow, but she sure does get around!

Then it was the turn of Caitlyn Bowden who had Lilitha for a weekend.

The last family visit was with Eliah Harrison.

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On her return she got to do many fun things at Cornerstone. She was part of our annual concert and mention was made of her, and her role, during our prize giving. She also received an Honorary Cornerstone Member Badge on the evening!

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We were also honoured to have Lilitha with us for World Rhino day on the 22nd of September. On that day she was treated like royalty and spent time in both of our classes, the Jelly Tots Class and the Smarties Class.

Simple lessons were presented to the classes and basic facts shared with the children.
The children found the fact that the name Rhinoceros means 'nose horn'!
Also the fact that a Rhino's skin may be thick, however it is quite sensitive to sun burn and insect bites. That's why they love to wallow in the mud so much.
They laughed so much when we told them that they have got small brains. They don't believe us!

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During Lilitha's visit the children got to colour in Rhino pictures.

We also watched some Rhinos in the wild on a programme the teachers found on the tv.

All in all, I'd say that Lilitha sure got around Port Elizabeth while she was here and her mission has been accomplished. It's now time for her to move on to another school so that those children can become aware of the plight of Rhinos.

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