We learned about Rhinos in our class because Siyanda visited our class!

We are a Grade 2 class and these are some of the things that we learned about Rhinos.

First a package arrived at our class.

mystery packeage.png

mystery package 2.png

Then we opened it and discovered a small stuffed Rhino inside. We discovered that this Rhino had traveled from South Africa to teach us about the plight of the Rhinos in the world.
After Siyanda arrived we began learning about Rhinos and why they were endangered. This is how we showed out learning.

skitch rhino.png
Some of us used Skitch.

Rhios (1).png

Rhios (1).png

rhino (1).png

(videos are coming)

And some of us used Explain Everything

And some of us looked up information at home!

The white rhino is the second largest mammal after the elephant. Rhinos have thick protective skin. Relative to their large body they have a very small brain