We took Zindzi to the Discovery Centre in Kuala Lumpur on a field trip. She learnt a lot.

Zindzi 1.jpg
This is her sliding down the emergency Oli Rig slide with our TA Izi. Zindzi 2.jpgZindzi is also in the Hurricane Machine with Paul.
Zindzi 3.jpg
A photo of Zindzi in front of the Petronas Towers, also known as the Twin Towers. Zindzi 4.jpg
If you look carefully you will see Zindzi in the picture taken with the children.

Zindzi 5.jpgZindzi 6.jpg
We needed to do a lot of research
to inform us before we could

inform others. Zindzi 7.jpgZindzi 8.jpg

Pointillism - We use Q Tip art to decorate our rhinos. We displayed these around the school.

Zindzi had to learn Bahasa Malay at Epsom College!
Zindzi 9.jpg

We created 'Save the Rhino' posters and put them up around the Senior and Prep School.
Zindzi 10.jpgZindzi 11.jpg

This helped people be aware of the plight of the Rhino. We used our research from the internet to help tell people. Some information was a bit shocking, but it had to be written to tell the people how terrible it could be for the rhino.
Zindzi 13.jpgZindzi 14.jpgZindzi 12.jpg

We did an assembly in front of the Prep School and the Senior School. In the assembly we talked about what the problems were with the rhinos. We did a play on the plight of the rhino. We told people about who Zindzi was and what was in her book. We told them what we would be writing down. We also asked them how they could help, and we showed them what a rhino sounded like so that they knew all about them.

Zindzi 15.pngZindzi 16.png

Zindzi 17.pngZindzi 18.png

We had a great time with Zindzi!
Help the Rhino!