Highbury Preparatory School for boys is continually working on ‘Living Green’ and, in so doing, looking after the environment in whichever way possible. In 2011 Highbury was awarded a Green Flag from the KZN Eco-Schools Assessment Team as a part of the WESSA/WWF Eco-Schools Holiday Palace Programme.

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As a part of the Living Green Programme Highbury has welcomed ‘Gijima’ into their family. Gijima means ‘run’ in Zulu. Gijima is a magnificent male white rhino that resides in Wildlands Conservation Trust’s Somkhanda Game external image arrow-10x10.png in Northern KZN. The Highbury family has been delighted to adopt Gijima as the focal point of their ‘Save a Rhino’ campaign.

Highbury are constantly on the lookout for ways to further contribute to Saving the Rhino. The Grade 4 boys recently raised R8664.60 by holding a market day during school break. This money has gone to Rock n Ride for Rhino. RNR4R came to talk to the Highbury boys in the second term and we wanted to contribute to this. Jason Hartman is a very big part of this. You can visit their website here www.rnr4r.org to find out more about this.
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Jason Hartman Rocking for Rhino

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Highbury Boys Listening to Jason Hartman Sing

We love recycling at Highbury and love including rhino’s in our Holiday Palace art too!
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Grade R-Recycling and Making Rhinos

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When Highbury heard about the Travelling Rhino Project we just simply had to be involved! We were so excited to finally meet Lilitha on Monday, 26 August 2013.
Two Highbury teachers picked Lilitha up from the Pavilion in Westville after her visit with Durban Girls College. A really funny thing happened; two of the teachers, from the different schools had exactly the same shirts on. Can you believe it?!

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On the way back to Highbury we stopped at the Hillcrest Aids Centre where Lilitha met some interesting people and got to choose her very own South African flag badge.
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For Lilitha’s time at Highbury she spent interesting evenings at home with various boys. This was lots of fun! But you will have to read Lilitha’s diary to see what she got up to with each family.
On Tuesday Lilitha got to meet Mr Stanley, Highbury’s Headmaster, while she spent some time with the Grade 1’s.

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The boys all collect cans on a Tuesday to help save the Rhinos. Highbury has four wire rhino frames that the boys fill with cans. This is then collected and sold to Collect-a-Can and the money goes to the Wildlands Trust.

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Next Lilitha spent time doing Rhino art with the Grade 5’s.

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On Friday, 30 August, Lilitha chose a very good day to visit Grade R. She arrived on the Unbelievable Underpants day! On this special day all the Grade R’s wore their underwear on the outside. If Superman can do it, so can the Highbury Grade R’s! Lilitha quickly found out that we were learning the ‘Uu’ sound in our phonics programme.
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Lilitha was very excited to find some fine underwear for her to wear from the doll’s house in the Weavers’ Nest. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the Underpants Tree at Highbury. This amazing tree blossoms every year during ‘Uu’ week. Instead of bright flowers, the Underpants tree sprouts brightly coloured undies all over her branches. The Grade R boys also found it hard to believe this incredible phenomenon.
Lilitha was really impressed with all the Grade R artists at Highbury. She loved seeing the boys paint an umbrella. The boys decided to revamp an old umbrella. The colourful rhinos that the boys created all over the huge beach umbrella will help remind people to “Save-the- Rhino”. Each time the umbrella goes up we will be reminded of Lilitha and how important it is for us to work together to save our precious rhino population.

On Monday, 2 September, the boys had a ‘Green-day’. The boys came dressed in green to celebrate Spring day and Arbour week.

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The boys learnt about conservation and the necessity of having trees for animals, birds and people. The different classes then planted indigenous trees on the school grounds around the school. Lilitha had fun planting trees with the boys.
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The Gr 3 boys learnt about rhino conservation and had two projects to do. The first project was making posters in art. They had to work together to make a “SAVE THE RHINO” poster, while their second project was completed using computer program called “Tagxedo” where they made a word rhino using as many descriptive ‘rhino’ words they could think of.

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On Tuesday, 3 September, Lilitha spent the day with Grade 5’s. She went to an Afrikaans, Zulu and even a Science lesson! We think that her favourite part of the day was going to lunch after working up a good appetite in the classroom.
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Lilitha ended her school day helping the Grade 6’s and 7’s in their vegetable gardens.

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Wednesday, 4 September, Lilitha helped deliver blankets and soup to Ndlokolo. The Highbury Boys had a big drive to collect blankets and soup for a school in the Inanda Valley, called Ndlokolo.
Each child from Gr 000 to Gr 7 was asked to donate a blanket and 5 packets of soup. Some of the Gr 3 boys helped to make up the packets while the Grade 7 boys loaded everything up, went down into the Valley and got to hand each child a packet.

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We put up a 'Lilitha Information Board' for our parents to read:

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Thank you for visiting us Lilitha, we will miss you!