Owensboro Middle School - South 5th Graders Welcome Makulu to Owensboro, Kentucky!

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As soon as Makulu arrived, he visited with different 5th grade groups as they researched and gained knowledge of his cause.

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Makulu also supervised and guided students as they began to work on their projects to bring awareness to saving the rhinos.

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We were creative with our snacks on Makulu's last day with us!

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Even though Makulu had moved on, our work still continued...check out some of our finished products!

IMG_1038.JPG IMG_1371.jpg

The young lady who created this picture used the concept of
"Got your nose!", but changed it to the point of view of the rhino.


Meet Pembe (below), meaning "horn," who was created from cardboard. She even has a head that rotates from left to right, thanks to a suggestion from a classmate - collaboration!

To help make the project even more meaningful, students requested a trip to the local zoo to visit with the rhino located there! After figuring up the mileage, total cost, and travel necessities, they presented their request to the principal, who approved our trip!

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