Some exciting things concerning this project have happened recently. Take a look!

10. August 2015 - Lilitha Climbs Mt Elbrus in Russia!

Lilitha has just returned from the most amazing adventure! She travelled to Russia with my colleague and friend, Deidre Bothma, and these two ladies climbed Mt Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe, together!

About a year ago Deidre came to me and told me she wanted to do this climb, but she did not only want to do it for herself. She wanted to do it for a good cause and she asked whether she could take one of the Travelling Rhinos to the summit with her to raise awareness of the terrible poaching crisis in South Africa. No need to ask what my answer was!

And so it happened that Lilitha, the South African-based rhino, went on an adventure of a lifetime. She met wonderful people from all corners of the world and was able to tell them about what is happening to our rhinos in South Africa. Hopefully they will share her story and spread the news that rhino horn is NOT medicine!

Congratulations to Deidre and Lilitha who summited Mt Elbrus, at 5,642 m, the highest peak in Europe, on 2 August 2015! What an awesome achievement!

Take a look at the photos from her trip with Deidre.

9. June 2015 - Dylan donates his winnings to a rhino cause:

Dylan is a Grade 6 pupil at our school (Elkanah House Senior Primary). A little while ago he had the opportunity to kick for goals at a rugby match at Newlands Stadium, in front of a packed out crowd. He competed against a boy from a neighbouring school. The prize money for a successful kick was R1000. Both boys were successful, so they shared the prize money and each received R500. Dylan immediately let me know that he would like to donate his winnings to a cause that supported the rhinos in South Africa - and so of course, The Chipembere Rhino Foundation came to mind.

Thank you Dylan for caring about our rhinos!


In November 2014 I was named a Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator, for entering the Travelling Rhinos Project. I was selected to travel to Dubai in February 2015 to present the project at the Microsoft Global Forum Dubai. What an amazing opportunity it was!

Read all about my visit here: Microsoft In Education Global Forum Dubai

I took Lilitha along and she got to meet so many people from around the world. Wow! She is a well-travelled rhino!



7a. The trip to ISTE2014 was unbelievable!

I am so honoured to receive this award!

It is a beautiful keepsake and has a special place on the wall outside my office.

Lilitha - and all my ISTE2014 swag!

My Poster Session table - I was very proud of the way it looked!

Here is a presentation I made to our staff upon my return:

6 May 2014 - The Travelling Rhinos Project is awarded the **SIGOL Online Learning Award by ISTE**. I will be travelling to Atlanta, Georgia in the USA where I will attend ISTE2014 and receive the award. I will also present it at a 2-hour poster session on 1 July! To top it all, I will get to meet many of my Global Classroom Project friends and Travelling Rhino Project participants!


Listen to my radio interview with Bobby Brown on Smile 90.4 FM:
Click on the image to get to the interview:


6. In March 2014 Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher) blogged about the interview. What an honour!
Click on the image to read the blog post.
Cool Cat Teacher.JPG

5. In February 2014 Makulu visited Innovative Educator Consulting in Minnesota. Naomi Harm (@nharm) and Tim Nielsen (@teach1tech) took Makulu on an adventure to Florida and Tim also took him to visit some of his old students at his previous school. Makulu had the time of his life! Naomi and Tim were kind enough to include an insert about this project in Innovative Educator Consulting's monthly newsletter, Technology Bytes.(Click on the image, scroll down to Page 7 to get to the insert).


Naomi also included an insert about the project in THE DIGITAL BUZZ RADIO SHOW. Click on the image below to listen to the programme.
I cannot thank them enough for the exposure they both gave this project!

buzz radio.jpg

4. Also in December I was telephonically interviewed by teacher, author and blogger Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher), for her bi-weekly radio show #Each Classroom Matters which airs on the BAM Radio Network. To listen to the interview click on the image below:

BAM radio.JPG

3. In December 2013 this wiki was a finalist in the 2013 Edublogs Award - it ended up being the 2nd runner up! We were so pleased with this result and are very proud of the badge:


2. Also in October, I heard that my project made the Top 10 Stars in Education finalists. I received a prize and this lovely certificate:

stars in edu0001.jpg

1. In October 2013 I was interviewed by our local weekly newspaper, The Table Talk. Here is the article:

Table talk0001.JPG