On March 5th, Makulu just arrived in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Today is 32 Degrees F. The weather has been really snowing here and there is lots of snow on the ground. We usually get snow and then the sun comes out and melts all the snow. But it has not melted in a while. It has been a very cold winter. Mrs. Barton, our librarian, has Makulu in the library.

The month of March went fast for Makulu. He was able to visit with all the classes K-5 here. Mr. Magas' class was able to skype with Karen Stadler in order to answer questions about the endangered rhinos. During our World Tour Day, "Save Our Rhinos" was a session that two sets of 2nd graders attended. During the session, we created some commercials which are at the end of the video below. We hop you learn as much as we did from this amazing opportunity.

During our time with the rhino, I created a fact sheet: