Our class signed up for the global classroom project called 'the Travelling Rhinos'. This is how Lesedi got to arrive at our school.
During her time with us, we've learned that the rhinos are endangered, due to the myth that rhino horn is medicine.
We would like people to stop killing the rhino, because we would like to have rhinos in the world when we are adults.

This video shows how Lesedi arrives at our school and then meet our Rhino friends Ryan and his mother Ruth. They live in our Learning Centre. Lesedi also meet our class Kiwi. Our New Zealand Kiwi is also an endangered animal.

We have also been writing stories about rhinos and asked people to save the rhino. We had a great time with Lesedi and she was able to visit our school radio station, read stories with us, work on our iPods, iPad and Notebooks alongside us.

We shared our stories in the school assembly and talked about the plight of the rhino.

A student in our class sharing his story.

Safe the Rhino!! - Our Art