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Miss Beach's Grade 7 Class
------------- and ---------------Mr. Imeson's Grade 7 Class


INTRODUCTIONAs a part of our study of Environmental Issues in our Gr 7 Geography course, our teacher signed up our 2 classes to participate in the @TravellingRhino Project.
Our Travelling Rhino was Siyanda.
ChemongSiyanda3.JPG ChemongSiyanda.JPG

Siyanda took a trip to Canada's capital city - Ottawa - in the early spring - and took time to smell the flowers!

THE CHALLENGE: DO Something!Miss Beach gave us a challenge of completing small group action projects which not only educated people in our community about rhinos' problems, but which also included our taking action to actually do something to make a difference and help to solve the problem -- even though we are thousands of miles away.

OUR SOLUTION: Hold a "SAVE OUR RHINOS" Day at our school.We brainstormed our ideas and then got into groups of 2-5 people interested in the same things.
Each group then prepared a plan for their action project. We had to come up with an idea to raise awareness and money to donate to Rhino Alive!
* Please note that we use aliases for all of our school work online.



We educated a LOT of people in our school and community
and we raised $576.18 to send to RHINO ALIVE! who send it on to the CHIPEMBERE RHINO FOUNDATION.
Grade 7 Students from Chemong Public School in Bridgenorth Ontario Canada.



MacGregor, May, Mairie, and KeiraWe got our group together and discussed what we should do for the rhino project. We ended up deciding on informing the media about our rhino day to raise awareness. We sent a tweet to our local TV station weather man and he replied saying to send him details about our rhino day. We sent an email to the weatherman then he emailed back saying we had to tell him the details…
He replied back saying he would send the details to his assignment editor then we had to take the email proofread it clean and perfect it and send it to KPRDSB communication officer (Judy Malfara) Judy released our email to the media unfortunately the media did not come to our rhino day.

The 3 Muskateers: Francis, Norman, and Fergus

For our Rhino Project the three of us decided to be Rhino Mascots. We made Rhino heads out of cardboard and then put grey gift bags on them so it looked like the colour of a rhino. What we used for the horn was a red plastic cup and then we put a paper snow cone cup on top of that. We covered the cup with grey paper like the grey gift bag, and made ears as well.


We also made stickers that said ‘Save Our Rhinos’ and 'I Helped Save a Rhino Today. Miss Beach printed them out onto pages of white stickers and we cut them apart.

On our Rhino day, the three of us put our rhino heads on and we handed out the "I Helped Save a Rhino" stickers to all of the people who donated money, and a "Save Our Rhino" sticker to all of the little kids.

That is what our group did for our Rhino Project.

3 RHINO DANCE + SONGAilsa, Kelsie, and B.Dance performance in gym

4 POSTERSAilsa, Alex, Robert, John, C, D, E, F, G, SkyeEducational posters and Rhino Day Announcement posters

.....ChemongPoster.JPG ....... ChemongPoster4.JPG


SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENTS + DAILY QUIZ QUESTIONA and C. Announcements on PA every morning

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ACTIVITIES on "SAVE OUR RHINOS" DAY ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Chemong Public SchoolMay 7th, 2013.

~ * * * * * ~
*Drew, Isabel, Sima and Ainsley
For our rhino project we made a life-sized rhino out of paper. The horn was designed so that it could be removed. The reason for this was, so that people could see what the poachers want, and what is left. We named our rhino Zuri, which means beautiful. It took us a long time, and lots of hard work, but we were all pretty happy with the outcome! We set Zuri up at the front of our school so that everyone could see her. Sadly, after about a week, we had to dismantle Zuri, she couldn’t stay on display forever. While working on Zuri, we took lots of photos and made a video of them. Hope you enjoy it!
*These aren’t our real names. We use aliases online!

To see our rhino, please click and watch:

Life-Sized Rhino Sculpture


Dallis, Elsebeth, Vika, Charles, James and Norris
For our project we decided to do a bake sale. We raised awareness in our group by making posters. On our posters we said why we were raising money, what we were doing and what we sold. We also made announcements to the school in the morning to tell them information about the Bake Sale! Next everyone in the group was assigned to bake a specific treat!

The next step towards our Bake Sale was to setup our station. We had to put out the cookies, cake, butter tarts, cupcakes, chocolate muffins, lemonade and rice krispies! Our setup was very fancy and our prices posters were hanging behind our tables. Finally, the bell rang it was time for the students to buy our treats and support the Rhinos!

Our Bake Sale was underway. Our treats were going fast. The money was piling up and soon all of our treats were gone at the end of first break! To make sure everyone got to have a treat, we had to go to the local grocery store and buy some extra cake, cupcakes and boxes of cookies! We then sold those at second break.

We finally raised a total of $303.85 in Canadian dollars. This is equal to 804.23 Rand! We were proud that we could send a total of $303.85 to RhinoAlive, and help save the Rhinos!

Bake Sale Animoto:

Bake Sale(Mob)291.JPG
Click photo to see our Animoto Slideshow!

Albert, Lyall, Donald, Bruce, and Logan
For our Rhino project we made Guessing JarsWe had 10 jars. We bought candy to fill the guessing jars, such as Swedish Berries, Gum Balls, Jolly Ranchers, etc. We created tickets so that kids could write their name and their guess for one of the jars.

We made tons of posters to advertise the guessing jars and the costs of the tickets (1 for $.50 and 3 for $1.00 Cdn).
We started the day by going to the kindergarten classes so they would have time to think about their choice and we could help them write their guesses. Then we opened up the sales to everyone and the lines were crazy! We quickly realized that we needed more tickets and some people cut some up for us.
We made $133 Canadian dollars with our guessing jars. Our whole group agreed that it was a huge success and we are proud of how it turned out. It was fun seeing tons of people buying tickets and guessing. We raised a ton of money for Rhino Alive!
We as a school hope we helped save the rhinos.

Kyla and Tara and Miss Beach.

We went through a lot of processes for creating and holding our Pillow Raffle.
We had to measure and cut the material, sew the seams, stuff the pillows, and then sew up the final seams. We made both big and little rhino pillows, and had to chose prices for raffle tickets. We sold one ticket for 50 cents Canadian, and 3 tickets for 1 dollar Canadian.
We had a raffle box for each of the 3 divisions in our school. We had 3 pillows for the Primary Division, 2 pillows for the Junior Division, and 1 pillow for the Intermediate Division (there are less and less classes in each division).
We also awarded 1 pillow to the class that had submitted the greatest number of correct answers to our daily announcement Question of the Day.

10 STORY-TELLING CLASS VISITSKyla and Tara (and Dallis as a substitute)For our 'story time' we were able to go visit classes to talk and explain to them what is happening to the rhinos. Each class enjoyed learning our view about what is happening about the rhinos. Read our Experience here

design and create

12 BOARD GAMETavishcreating a board game

13 TWITTER TWEETSJust Jposting info

15 VIDEO GAMEFletcher, Roderick, John, Robert and Cameron
We wanted to create a game that was exciting, Interesting, and educational at the same time. At first, we wanted to make an app to just educate people about rhinos. But we wanted to learn about making video games as well. So we started to use Scratch.

With Scratch, we were able to reach to new limits of game development and creation. Since were only 12-13 year old kids, we were not very familiar with coding and other programs. But Scratch is very easy to use and requires no experience of coding at all.
Unfortunately, we were not able to get Scratch loaded on our school computers in time to finish our game. Even by the end of the year, Scratch had still not been approved and loaded on our school computers, and we were never able to finish the project we started. But we had fun doing what we did, and we learned a lot about Rhinos and the trouble they are in!