Lilitha with Jeza, Eden and Mrs King,our principal.
Well Lilitha finally arrived in East London on Friday 3 May and we were thrilled to welcome her to Clarendon Primary School. She will be hosted by Grade 5a, but Holiday Palace will be doing loads of exciting work with all the Grade 4's and 5's.


The display board outside the Grade 5a classroom serves to provide loads of interesting information to the girls on Rhinos in general and the "Save Our Rhino" project.

To introduce the school to this exciting project

Grade 5a did a presentation at one of the assemblies. The poem read by the girls was written by one of our own teachers!

THEME DAY: Save the Rhino

Our Grade 4 & 5 learners spent a fun filled day learning all about Rhinos. The activities were based on the concept of the Multiple Intelligence theory. On this day no timetable was followed and the girls were able to work at their own pace on activities of their choice. All the activities were based on the Rhino or conservation.

We spent time researching the Rhino and its plight so we were aware of the facts.

Try our video maker at Animoto.

Many of the activities allowed the girls to unleash their creativity...

Creating rhinos from just newspaper and masking Holiday Palace tape:

Try our slideshow creator at Animoto.

Creating a cartoon strip with a monkey and a rhino as the characters
Desgning a postcard of a rhino to be sold at a local game park