Welcome to Guatemala Siyanda

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Siyanda arrived to our country while we were on our midterm break. Our teacher gave us the surprise when we returned to school. We were so happy to have a new rhino friend in class.rhino montessori 1.jpg

If you want to know a little more about us, check out this page with information about our school.

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We are so glad we can join this effort and spread the word to save these amazing creatures.

As soon as siyanda arrived we made a list of things we wanted to learn about rhinos.

Of course our first question was Why are they killing Rhinos? After all we learned, we created this short video with our most important thoughts.

First graders were the official guests for Siyanda, but we went to other classes presenting her and sharing the information we learned.



To learn more about rhino we did several activities :

We went to our library to do some research.

we surprised our teacher and without her asking for anything, we started creating our oun rhino projects. Some projects included:

- paper or clay rhinos

- stuffed rhinos

- printed and hand colored posters

- rhino habitats

- rhino puzzles

- and even our own "Pin the Horn on the Rhino" game.

Our friends from sections C and D joined and created their own rhino craft.

We also decided to join a campaign by the organization "One More Generation" and write letters to Southafrican president Jacob Zuma, asking him to help protect rhinos. One More Generation


We are happy to know our letters arrived to this wonderful organization and will be delivered to President Zuma in November Check what they said about our letters here.

We learned a lot from Siyanda, but we also had a lot of fun together.

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Siyanda came just in time to watch our caterpillar turn into a beautiful butterfly

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And she got to try some of our favourite foods and snacks

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