We are extremely excited to receive Lilitha this week. She will be visiting our school for 3 weeks.

Welcome to Curro Embury College!!

Dear Lilitha,

Thank you for coming to join us here at Curro Embury. We are so excited to have you here with us.

As you move from class to class, take in the excitement, joy and overwhelming sense of pride that we have in trying to protect South Africa’s Precious Rhinos.

The classes were extremely excited to have this lovely 'visitor' in the school for 3 weeks. During her stay, she traveled to every class in every grade were she was part of the various art and English activities that took place. She started in Grade 1 where the classes designed beautiful African print Rhino heads.

Every class busied themselves with Rhino activities. Some pictures are below:

While Lilitha was here, we held a civvies day to raise funds for our 'adopted' rhino- Mafuta. Mafuta is a female black rhino found in Somkhanda Game reserve. She has been our baby for 3 years. We do various fundraising activities throughout the year to raise money for the protection of her.
Our next activity is a Read-For -the-Rhino campaign where the children have an allocated time slot to read for half an hour. Friends and family members sponsor an amount per page read or donate money towards this campaign. Last year we raised R10 500.00.

Yajna and Gajen {Grade 4} with Lilitha.
Mrs Stevens and Mrs Edwards (Grade 4) having fun with Lilitha.
Grade 4 Stevens showing off their acrostic poems.
Lilitha even visited the Maria and Liz in the office.....

Lilitha even visited Aunty Liz and Aunty Maria in the office.....
Grade 4 Edwards class making Beautiful African Rhinos.... these were later mounted and displayed at the Family Day.DSCN9239.jpg
Showing off their RHINO ART.... Andiswa, Bradley, Dini and Chloe.
Lilitha, the travelling Rhino, enjoyed being part of the art, poetry and stories being told.
Lilitha with Fanele, Fadiyah and Noorain..... shining Grade 4 learners.DSCN9250.jpg
Lilitha and Mrs Geldenhuys, one of our Grade 5 educators.
Rhino Acrostics.....