Eden College Durban is a small co-educational, independent school in Glenwood catering for pupils from grade 000 to 12. The school is known particularly for its excellent academics and multi-disciplinary arts department, as well as its extensive eco-programme.

Pupils, parents and staff are well-aware of sustainable development and the multitude of issues surrounding this complex but vital aspect of modern life. All pupils are exposed to eco-activities in the school on an ongoing basis, with various options in the different phases. Some of these include: a worm farm, permaculture centre, beach clean-ups, recycling station and Eden Free Eco-Fresh Fest, to name a few. The Fresh Fest is a massive annual event and involves the greater Eden community, local businesses, NGOs, local government and the wider city of Durban.

Eden College celebrates the Traveling Rhinos Project and has a number of classes across the school involved. From drawings (Grade 00) to scientific research (Grade 9s). On this page, we will add various aspects as they reach completion.
Eden is involved in much charitable work and has been supporting the rhino cause for a number of years. This year we organized a special rhino stand at the Fresh Fest in support. Attendees of the festival received a laminated lapel badge of Lilitha and were able to purchase rhino-shaped chocolates - the body being made from brown milk chocolate and the horn from white chocolate.

Lilitha had a really happy stay at Eden College. Her visit was short, but very sweet. The staff put in their best effort and still managed to put together 40-or-so-pages of input into the diary.

The highlight of our week with Lilitha was our final whole-school end-of-term assembly. It was a special rhino assembly with an invited guest, Mrs Sheelagh Antrobus from the African Conservation Trust (also representing a plethora of rhino protection agencies - as in KZN, where 95% of the world's remaining rhino population resides - many/most of the conservation agencies have come together to work in unison to save them). Two original songs were presented: the first, "Ronnie the Rhino", was sung by the Eden Junior Choir. It was written by our music teacher, Mrs Amina Carini in collaboration with the grade 4s. The second song was written by Jade Friedman and Kianja Harvey (both Grade 9, with both compiling the lyrics and Kianja the musical score) and on the day performed by Kianja, an up-and-coming star who already has her first album out, on vocals, accompanied by Arianna Carini (Grade 11) on keyboard. Mrs Antrobus was so impressed that she wishes for the song to be professionally recorded and used as part of their awareness campaign In fact she asked Kianja to perform it at an International Rhino Conservation conference happening in Richard's Bay this weekend, but Kianja will be at a function in Johannesburg). One of the lines of the song goes, "Just another poster on the wall won't help us win this war".
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Three grade 9s did a presentation - facts and figures on rhinos - before Mrs Antrobus enthralled us with the conservation efforts of the combined departments and NGOsthat have come together in a concerted effort to save these magnificent creatures. She reminded us that 35-or-so years ago, the KZN community came together to savethe dwindling white rhino population of the time (apparently there were only 50 or so left at the time?). In fact I have an old LP left to me by my father that documents part of this - I must go and find it! She concluded her presentation with a hard-hitting video documenting much of this. She works closely with Kingsley Holgate and others and is seen as one of the experts in international rhino conservation. Our pupils handed over a check of R3 800-00 or so that they had collected (selling lapel badges, bookmarks and rhino-shaped chocolates).

My grade 8s and 9s completed a graphical communications project as part of their Technology project and did a rhino poster explosion around the campus. Mrs Antrobus was so impressed with many of the images that she asked me to fwd them to her so they can include them in their ongoing crusade.

Please note: These are not 'pretty posters' or educational posters - the grade 8s and 9s were given explicit directions to change people's perceptions by using strong, simple images and words.

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