Zindzi has been very busy for the last few weeks helping our 6eme (Year 7) and 5eme (Year 8) understand the plight of rhinos from poaching and how we can act to save them.
The 6eme's made posters informing the school about the threat that rhinos are under and the 5eme's wrote letters to governments, poems and produced informational leaflets.
Au revoir Zindzi - we have loved having you here!
6eme's happy to be with Zindzi!
6eme's Word Cloud made up of 5 words per student... Sadly 'endangered' was the most frequent.
6eme work
5eme's working on their leaflets, letters and poems!

5eme work!

We were all sad to read the newspapers on Saturday 18th October informing us that Suni, a white male, died leaving just six white rhinos left - one of which is the last male.