Mrs. Moore's and Mrs. Hamman's third grade classes have been excitedly preparing for Makulu's arrival for weeks!

Mrs. Moore's class wrote a post on their blog: Our Continuing Quest to Save the Rhinos

Mrs. Hamman's class also wrote a blog post: Save Our Rhinos!

Finally, last week Makulu arrived! We took our rhino friend on an adventure outside on our school grounds; we'll record everything that we did in Makulu's journal and post the story on our blogs. Here's a sneak peek:

We wanted to share what we learned about rhinos and the dangers they face in a video. We posted this video on YouTube and will also post it on our blogs.

We also wanted to make a trailer for the Travelling Rhino project, so kids in other places would see how fun it is and would want to participate! A group of four students created this trailer.