Hawea Flat School is a rural school in the South Island of New Zealand. We have 156 students at our school and we are in a veryphoto (18).JPG beautiful part of the world surrounded by mountains capped with snow and with deep lakes that bring many tourists to our area. We are probably the complete opposite to the environment of the Rhino and that is why we knew so little of the problems that they are facing.
photo (4).JPGSo, when Lesedi the Rhino arrived in the mail we had a lot of learning to do before we could even begin to comprehend the problem or try and help. We researched, watched video clips, read books and brainstormed all of what we knew and what we had found out and were horrified at the truth. We created posters about the plight (that is a word that we did not know before this experience) of the Rhino and we posted them around our school, but soon came to the realisation that posters were not a form of action that could make a change, only bring awareness to the issue. Dress up days, sausage sizzles and other fundraising ideas discussed, but then one of the class thought that we could use some of the ICT skills we had been using to try and make more people aware. Raise the awareness of more than just our small rural community.
One group went and created a petition on a Google Form asking simply to add your name to the petition, list the continent you are from and your age. We shared the form through social media that we had access to - parent email lists from the office, Mr Dyer's Twitter, the class Twitter and the various blogs that we use.
photo (9).JPGWhile the petition was being created other kids were making information posters, taking photos of The News.JPGesedi around the school, introducing her to other classes and also painting/collaging a huge poster to share with parents at assembly. We used assembly to make sure that the parents of our school understood the message that we were trying to get across. Parents were told about the petition, where they could find it on our blog, how to add their name and how to share it with their friends on FaceBook.
Before we knew what had happened, the word was out in the community and emails arrived from two of the local newspapers wanting to know what the project was about and ow we had become involved. So interviews were conducted and photos were taken and we hope that it has reached more people in our community. The form is still taking names and the link is embedded in this post, so please add your name if you have not and send it to your friends or email me (Mr Dyer) if you would like the embed code to put it in your own blog.
The only way that I see this problem reaching a solution is through awareness on a global scale and starting with our future - our children.
Nga Mihi Nui
Room 6 and Mr Dyer
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