Opening the Package

Lilitha arrived safely at Hudson Park Primary School on 5 June. Lilitha, from Grade 3, was chosen to open the interesting package and discover the surprise inside. Lilitha is being hosted by the Grade 3 Computer Academy, but enjoys socializing and has visited many other classrooms and met a great many children gclub.
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The Grade 3 Computer Academy pupils have created Powerpoint presentations, including graphs and Venn diagrams, about rhinos. They have also used their Kidblog blogs to write about three things they have learned about rhinos, two interesting rhino facts, and one question they still have about rhinos and rhino poaching. Some classes were also able to create rhino-shaped and -themed word clouds using Tagxedo. Other computer classes joined in, and created posters in Publisher that were displayed in our school passages.
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Civvies Day

We held a Civvies Day to benefit PAWS. A donation was given in order for Grades 1-7 wear casual clothing. The Grade R classes wore specially created rhino masks and made rhino puppets from paper bags. Maritz was the winner of the PAWS lucky draw and won a weekend at the Addo Elephant Park and Shamwari Nature external image arrow-10x10.png, including tours of the Shamwari Animal Rehabilitation Centre and the Born Free Foundation.
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Creative Arts
She has inspired the Grade 3's to write poetry and blog, and posed for Grade R and Grade 2 art works. She has also enjoyed watching the creation of dramatic performances by Senior Primary Drama Club learners.

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Lilitha poses with some of our Grade 3's and their clay rhino sculptures.

Big Walk

Our school's annual Big Walk took place during Lilitha's visit. The Eco Club used the Big Walk to raise awareness about rhino poaching by creating banners and t-shirts to wear and carry along the route. They even took Lilitha along for the ride - well protected in a ziploc bag, of course!
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Petition Wall

We decided to create a visual petition against rhino-poaching. During break learners could go to the school hall and sign sticky notes and attach them to the wall petition.
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School Assembly

On the last day of the second term our school assembly was dedicated to rhinos. We displayed our Holiday Palace artwork, poetry, banners, word clouds, blog posts and Powerpoint presentations on the walls of our hall. Tanique, a Grade 7 learner, introduced Lilitha to the school. Our Drama Club performed their dramatic pieces. Gabi (in Grade 7) and her father wrote a poem about rhino poaching and she read it to the school. The Grade 3 Computer Academy presented the school with red plastic rhino horns to attach to our school buses.
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Eco Club

The Eco Club visited Nahoon Beach. They rearranged the rocks on the beach to write out the message "SAVE THE RHINO". All visitors who enjoy the beach boardwalk will look down and see this message.
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Although Lilitha has left us now, she will always have a place in our hearts. We wish her well on her further travels around South Africa and Africa, as she spreads her vital message.