We are anxiously awaiting for the arrival of Makulu our traveling rhino from South Africa! We have found out it is currently enroute from New York and will arrive by this next week. WE ARE SO EXCITED!

Makulu will be visiting many unique educators, administrators and students in her two week travel with us in Minnesota and Wisconsin, USA. We will be capturing Makulu's dynamic journey through digital photos, video recordings and social media share outs. Click Here to view Makulu's traveling journal so far.
Where I've Been
Special notes/Comments about my adventures:
January 22, 2014
Brownsville, MN
Well, after some searching Makulu has been rescued from the Post Office and safely made it to rest at our home in Brownsville, MN. We are very excited for all the adventures that Makulu will be able to experience. Stay tuned to see how Makulu has impacted out region during her stay with us!
January 24, 2014
Madison, WI
Today we embark on a journey to Wisconsin's state Capital (Madison, Wisconsin). We are looking forward to introducing Global Projects and the Rhino's story at #edcampMadwi. Edcamps are a great opportunity for educators and friends of education to join together for a fun-filled day of learning new and unique things to practice in schools. New learning doesn't stop when you are young~we continue to learn each and everyday of our lives!

January 27, 2014
Minneapolis, MN--Flight
to Orlando, FL
After a few days of temperatures Makulu has only heard of, we set off to warmer temps and enjoy some travel through the United States. Temperatures in Minnesota have been around -30 or -50 degrees F with the wind. It is something that cannot be described by words. We journeyed north to Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport to fly to Orlando, Florida for a technology conference. The temperature difference 70 to 100 degrees different from back home! Makulu was much happier!
January 28, 2014
Orlando, FL
FETC- Today Makulu joined Naomi and Tim as they presented to teachers from around the world. The temp was much warmer and reached 80 degrees F. Much better than the previous few days in WI.
Presenting.jpg team photo.jpg
January 29, 2014
Coco Beach, Atlantic Ocean & Walt Disney World
Cocoa Beach.jpg
January 31, 2014
Fly back to Wisconsin
Today Makulu joined as Naomi and Tim had one more early morning workshop before heading to the airport and heading back to the state of WI.
February 4, 2014
Portage, WI
Makulu joined a group of 30 teachers as they learned about teaching STEAM in the classroom with Chromebooks. It was a long and busy day. Makulu also got a chance to share a story with the teachers as well because we talked about many different Global Projects and the importance of getting involved and learning about things happening around the world.
February 5, 2014
Portage, WI
Happy Digital Learning Day! http://www.digitallearningday.org/ Today Makulu joined another group of teachers learning to design fun, new projects using their iPads.
February 6, 2014
Holmen, WI
Tim took Makulu to his old school to visit the entire building and classroom sharing the important message about our attempts to save the rhinos. Makulu started off the day airing on the school's television broadcast- PVTV. He attended the school's assembly celebrating jump rope for heart (to Keep our Hearts healthy).
February 9, 2014
La Crosse, WI
Makulu prior to departure took a long and cold trip around to all the local attractions to see everything possible before heading off to the next destination. Makulu secretly hopes it is much warmer!

Makulu enjoying the bridge view from Riverside Park in La Crosse, WI. It is a beautiful


A Few examples of the many informational posters and pictures created and posted throughout the school. It was truly a beautiful sight to walk those halls and see all their hard work and dedication!

IEC1.jpg IEC2.jpg IEC3.jpg

**And finally, a brief video to share more of the excitement. Hope you enjoy!