Makula's Summer Vacation... Texas Style

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ISTE 2014 in Georgia

Makula arrived in Orange, Texas, last May where he was to be held in safekeeping for the summer. Little did he know he would also be traveling by air to attend the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, where he would link up with his creator, Karen Stadler!

What we learned about rhinos:

Once our research was complete, students created aWe were very excited to learn more about Makulu and the species of rhinos, but were sad to hear about their troubles. In order to understandResearch and Popplet.jpg more about what makes them so special, we did research online to learn more about the different species of rhinos. Classes were broken into small groups and each small group took a certain species to study. There were many facts and much information about this unique animal we had no clue about (starting with the fact that there are 5 different species.)


Popplet with their findings to organize and share with members of another group. We enjoyed sharing about the species we had, but also learning about others.

Click the PDFs below for an example of 2 popplets that were made.

Making a Statement and sharing our campaign:

Lunch with Makulu.jpgWe made a point to share with others what we were learning through our class Twitter account and also through email. We created a "Save the Rhinos" booklet we included in Makulu's travel bag for when she left us as a reminder to those she sees how important this message is.

Learning from an Expert- our Skype session with Chris Bobko:

Mrs. Diamond's second class also had the opportunity to Skype with Chris Bobko who works with the rhino species at the Denver Zoo in Colorado. She also serves on the board of the International Rhino Keepers Association. With over 23 years of years of experience caring for rhinos, she was a true gem to speak with. She shared with us about her work, the danger rhinos find themselves in, and even allowed us to ask her questions! She was very knowledgeable and so giving of her time. We were very appreciative. We shared the "Save Our Rhinos" global project. She seemed delighted that students are taking the time and interest to learn more about rhinos!

Skype with Chris.jpg questions with chris.jpgchris.jpg

A special thank you to Karen Stadler for allowing us to participate in this project! My students were very intrigued and receptive to the information and also the understanding of the seriousness of this topic. So happy we could be a part of something bigger than ourselves to make a difference.

Summer Diamond

Little Cypress Intermediate

5th Grade Reading/Language

@diamondgrade5 (class Twitter)

@sumlendia (teacher Twitter)