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November 2013

Makulu made his way to The Phoenix School and all of us were instantly excited about his arrival. He experienced many events and activities and spent days working with the kids to research black rhinos. He met all the Phoenix parents on Parent’s Day and he loved to see all the different rhinos that our families made. He even got to go to lunch at the Salem Rotary Club to tell all the Rotarians about how his kind are greatly endangered. He enjoyed a day of rhino research with the Phoenix kids and even participated in writing a letter and drawing a creative picture of a rhino for President Zuma. He got to help the kids inform the President of South Africa about how black rhinos are on the brink of extinction. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Makulu because he had to go to New York to continue his mission to educate kids around the world. We loved having him here at our school. Be sure to check our Kidblog to see our book of letters asking President Zuma to help save the rhino that we hope will help spread the rhino word. Farewell from The Phoenix School.

Makulu Researching Rhinos.png
Makulu researches rhinos with the kids of The Phoenix School.

Makulu writing a letter.jpg
Makulu helps write letters to President Zuma to help save the black rhinos.

Makulu helps spread the word about how rhinos are
endangered to the parent's of The Phoenix
School on the annual Parent's Day.
Makulu at Parent's Day.jpg
Makulu at Rotary.jpg
Makulu tells the members of the Salem Rotary Club about how rhinos like himself are barely surviving.
Makulu drawing Rhino .jpg
Makulu and The Phoenix kids draw pictures of black rhinos for their research.
Makulu Reading Our Secret.jpgMakulu reads Our Secret,Siri Aang.

Jack, Connor, and Makulu write letters to
the President of South Africa about how
they feel about the rhinos. Makulu with Jack and Conner.jpg

This is a digital booklet of all the letter to President Zuma of South Africa to help save the rhinos. Thank you.
Highlight this link and copy it into your URL bar to see our booklet of letters.

We have made a video about rhinos as well. Thank you.
Copy this link in your URL bar to visit our video.