What can YOU do?

  • Sign up for the Save Our Rhinos project HERE. (On hold until further notice)

Age: K – 12

Timeline: December 2012 – December 2015 (or longer if necessary).

  • Host one of our travelling rhinos (much like a Flat Stanley project), take photos of it with your class, try to get it into your local newspaper and highlight the plight of the rhinos.

  • Teach your students about the rhinos of the world, where they are and what they look like. Tell them about the dire situation the rhinos find themselves in, especially in South Africa.

  • Explain to them what poaching is and why it happens, but please, DO NOT SHOW YOUR CHILDREN ANY OF THE SAD CRUEL IMAGES of poaching!

  • Take part in and document one or more activity in the Save Our Rhinos Wiki. Email Mrs Stadler to create a page for your class, or for more information. (You will need a Wikispaces account to contribute).

  • Ideas for activities might be:

*Creative art work
*Write letters calling for help for the world’s rhinos
*Write poetry
*Creative writing (stories about rhinos etc.)
*Create VoiceThread appeals to save the rhinos of the world
*Build beach rhino sand castles (if you live near the sea) and upload the photos.
*Create video appeals from the children (Animoto, Vimeo etc.)
*Create online SAVE THE RHINO posters (e.g. GlogsterEDU)
*Find a creative way to do fundraising or make a donation!

  • Once you are done, send our travelling rhino on to the next class on the list (If there isn't one, we'd love you to help us find a class) with a personal message from your class/school; pin a badge onto him as proof of his travels J.

  • The last class on the list should please send the rhino back to SOUTH AFRICA. The address is on the card in the pocket on the rhino.

Wild Heart - Timeline Photos.jpg
Used with permission. Original image can be found here: http://goo.gl/Di28ym