We are very excited to welcome Lesedi to Sydney. She had quite a lot of trouble getting here. She was posted from New Zealand to our school but unfortunately was sent back because she could not be delivered. However Lesedi is very persistant and she braved the flight across 'the ditch' a second time.

We are working with Lesedi in our maths group and will post some of our findings shortly.

Firstly we have looked at the horrible statistics about the numbers of rhinos that are being killed. We have created a graph using Microsoft Excel for the Years 2001 - 2012. There seems to be some variation in the official numbers from 2001 - 2006 but they are very small compared to the most recent years.

We also decided to work out how far Lesedi has travelled on her journey so far.

Lesedi has been enjoying watching us work and learn about the rhinos