Over the past number of months I have had the privilege of connecting with some of the classes and teachers via Skype and Google Hangout. It has been wonderful to talk to these students and teachers and to try to answer their many questions about rhinos in South Africa.

Woodward Hill Elementary School, Surrey, BC, Canada - Ms Jas Kooner and her Grade 6 class:

jas kooner.jpg

Green Timbers Elementary, Surrey, BC, Canada - Mrs Robyn Thiessen and her Grade 3 students:


Seoul Foreign British School, Seoul Korea - Mr Nick Corben and his Grade 4 students:


Denton Avenue Elementary, New York, USA - Mrs Lisa Parisi and her Denton Dynamos!:

denton dynamos.PNG

Google hangout with Ms Cathy Beach and her Grade 7 class from Chemong Elementary School, Bridgenorth, ON , Canada:

cathy beach.PNG

Google hangout with Mrs Thiessen (Canada), Mrs Parisi (New York, USA), Mr Corben (Korea) and myself:

google hangout.jpg