Here are some highlights of Lilitha’s visit to St Andrew’s!

Lilitha visited the Grade 3 classroom of Mrs Heidi Fowlds, wife of the well-known wildlife vet, Dr William Fowlds. Dr Fowlds has an injection fund which is one of the recipients of the Rooting-for-Rhino-School-Route Challenge and Lilitha’s visit to his wife’s class was totally co-incidental! How amazing is that? There is another amazing part to this story. Keep reading below and you’ll be blown away!

The first thing that the Grade 3’s did was to take Lilitha with them on their Outdoor Ed trip. They held a Rhino Day at Quest Africa and had so much fun making up plays and songs.
They also came up with an amazing idea… a Message in a Bottle! They prepared 5 bottles and placed a special message in each one. The plan was to take them to the beach and throw them into the sea. Here is how Mrs Folds describes in her own words what happened next…

I have to tell you about Our Miracle that I hope will follow Lilitha around the world as well.

We had put all our messages into our bottles and now the big concern for me was how we were going to get our bottles out to sea.
We needed a Deep Sea boat to take them out to Sea. I knew we could not just throw them out in the outgoing tide as it would defeat the object as the kids would see their messages just come straight back to us.
So the night before, I started to pray .... "Lord," I said, "we need a miracle; we need a deep sea boat to take our bottles out to sea, please Lord”.
I stuck my neck out - told the kids and the other teachers that we needed the Lord’s help with a BIG miracle to get our bottles out to sea, as I was not sure if there were any boats going out the next day...
Well, there were not only NO boats, but also NO trailers, so no way of a boat arriving for us while we were on the beach.
I had decided to photograph the kids throwing the bottles out and then we would have to get them out to sea through a friend with a Deep Sea boat at a later stage.

AND THEN ............... OUT OF THE BLUE SKIES .............
A helicopter appeared and landed on the beach car park - right in front of us ...
The Lord said to me -
"Heidi , you don't need a deep sea boat, - you can have a HELICOPTER."
It was phenomenal...
The kids were over the moon!
I ran up the pilot and told him about our Lilitha project and asked him if he would be so kind as to drop our bottles as far out to sea as he could and he agreed to drop one every 20km. All 5 bottles went DEEP out to sea.
The kids and teachers alike were overjoyed at our miracle!”

The first TWO bottles make landfall!!

Here are two emails received by Karen Stadler soon after the bottles were dropped at sea:

email 1.png

email 2.PNG