The students in the primary class at St. Martin of Tours School are really excited to be part of the Travelling Rhino Project. We are finding the rhino to be a fascinating animal; however, we are saddened to learn about the cruel treatment of these animals by poachers. Although Rhinos do not live in North America, we want to support those who are trying to protect this gentle animal. Our first task is to learn more about the rhino and then to share our knowledge with others in our community.

We hope that our guest, Siyanda, arrives at our school very soon. We learned that Siyanda means "We are multiplying" in Zulu! That is a great name! We want him to feel at home when he arrives, so we are constructing a mini habitat for Siyanda! Below are a few pictures of our class creating plasticine models of rhinos. Our senior class came over to help us out!

model2.jpgmodelling.jpgmodel 3.jpg

Siyanda has arrived!

We have been busy preparing for our public speaking presentations next Friday. We plan to share Siyanda's story with our audience as well as the local media. Please help us spread the word... STOP THE POACHERS! SAVE OUR WILDLIFE! PROTECT GOD'S CREATION!

Here is a picture of some of our plasticine models. Siyanda is pictured in the background along with the journal.