April 2014 Diary
We have begun our involvement with The Travelling Rhino Project by doing some research in pairs on an endangered animal. This was inspired by reading "The One And Only Ivan" in class together, and finding out about endangered gorillas. Two children have chosen the Javan Rhinoceros for their project, so we are looking forward to learning about this species of rhino and discovering why it is so important to save it.

May 16th 2014 Diary
We have just heard that Zindzi will be setting off from Greece next week and winging her way to us!

May 28th 2014 Diary
Zindzi arrived today! She came in a package with beautiful Greek stamps, protected by bubble wrap. Lydia opened the package and there was Zindzi together with her journal. We were very excited! We have enjoyed reading the journal with all the news, photos, pictures and information from other schools. We are now looking forward to adding some contributions of our own!

After doing some research, we led an assembly on the Travelling Rhino Project to 1st and 2nd Grade. Here are some of the presentations we made: