These FIVE small stuffed rhinos represent the five rhinos in the header photo above. Each one will be travelling to classes in different corners of the world to bring the plight of the rhinos to the attention of the world and to appeal for help in the fight against rhino poaching.

I had five small stuffed rhinos made by one of our parents. They are two-tone in that one side is made of traditional African Shweshwe fabric and the other side is made from an African print fabric.


We held a 'Name the Rhinos' competition at school and five winners were chosen. Each rhino was given an authentic African name.

Now, with a drum roll..... here they are:

Named by Bonolo in Grade 6.
Her name means 'Our Sunshine' in XHOSA
Lilitha started her journey in Fish Hoek, Cape Town. She then moved on to Grahamstown, East London, Port Elizabeth and Durban. She is curently in Johannesburg.
Named by Lebo in Grade 4
Its name means 'Light' in SETSWANA
Lesedi travelled to Western Australia. She then moved further East and eventually made her way to New Zealand. She is back in Australia now, but will visit New Zealand again soon!
Named by Rebecca in Grade 6
It means 'we are multiplying' in ZULU and is a great call to action to save the rhinos.
Siyanda first visited Canada and he visited a few schools there before travelling south to the USA. He has just visited Guatemala, but is now in Texas!
Named by Suzanna in Grade 4
Her name means 'warrior' in XHOSA.
Zindzi is She started her journey in Ireland, then flew all the way to Korea and Hong Kong (where she got lost). Her replacement is currently in England.
Click on the image below to view Zindz's first Travel Journal:

Zindzi The Travelling Rhino Journal 1

2 Zindzi2 (2).jpg
Her name means 'she is beautiful' in ZULU.
Zintle was a replacement rhino made in Hong Kong after the original Zindzi was left on a bus in Hong Kong. Sadly she was never found. Zintle went on to Singapore and was then returned to South Africa. A new Zindzi has been made, so Zintle will stay in South Africa.
Named by Mia in Grade 6
It means 'big one' in ZULU.
Makulu began his journey in New York, USA (a little late, but better late than never!). He spent all his time in the US, visiting schools all over the place. He has just been in Wisconsin and is heading for North Carolina.

This is the first part of Makulu's First Travel Journal. Click on the image to view it:

Makulu The Travelling Rhino Journal 1